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Mindfulness Reboot

5 Reasons Your Mindfulness Practice Has Stalled & How to Reboot It

by Michael W. Taft It happened to me, and it’s happened to many people I know. You have learned to sit still and follow your breath. You can directly contact the reality of the present moment. You can go deep. The power of meditation practice has made itself manifest, you’ve experienced real benefit, and it’s […]

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What to Do Next

by Michael W. Taft I make my living as a meditation teacher. And in the last two months or so—as I’m sure you are perfectly aware—people have been freaking out. The election, the reality tv mogul, the surreal and terrifying descent of our country, has people profoundly worried and upset. As a teacher, they ask […]

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Mindfulness Meditation Helps with Difficult Emotions

by Crystal Goh Over the last decade, the scientific community has produced numerous studies looking at how mindfulness practice influences our minds, our bodies and our behavior. Today, we are beginning to understand some of the physical and mental underpinnings of how mindfulness can change our lives. Mindfulness is considered to be multifaceted within the […]

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Meditation Will Wreck Your Life

by Michael W. Taft During the “Calvin and Hobbes” part of childhood, I had a very clear career goal. My grade school teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, and the other children raised their hands, saying things like fireman, doctor, and archeologist. I, on the other hand, ardently desired […]

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Exercise Your Attention with Mindfulness

by Daron Larson Scientific research into mindfulness practice and its potential benefits has exploded in recent years. It has been shown to help people manage stress, decrease anxiety, and get better sleep. In addition to personal reports, technological advances have improved our ability to track the impact of meditation on the brain’s structure and functioning. […]

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Path of Freedom: Prison Mindfulness

by Hilary Hart In America, freedom is a core value, a north star in our collective compass. But this land of the free also has the highest rate of incarceration in the world.1 “More than 2.2 million people—one in every 107 adults—are in prison or jail,” says Fleet Maull, founder of the Prison Mindfulness Institute.2 “We […]

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How to Be Mindful While Surfing the Net

For many of us, the Internet represents the pinnacle of distraction. But it we don’t have to encounter it that way. This article from The Atlantic talks about simple ways to build effective mindfulness practice into the experience of surfing the Net. Every tiny action that you take in a day is an opportunity to […]

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Mindful Sex: How To Feel Clean While Being Dirty

by Jessica Graham Let me start with this. I like porn. I do not believe that someone who is spiritual can’t also enjoy porn. Of course all porn is not created equal. It’s important to know where your porn comes from and how it is made. There is no black and white in life, it’s […]

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The Mindful Wisdom of Pokémon Go

by Michael W. Taft I have to admit it: Pokémon Go is one of the funnest games I’ve played in a long time. I’m old enough to have missed the Pokémon phenomenon when it first came around, but it’s easy to see why the game is taking the world by storm. (It’s been downloaded by […]

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Will Awakening Ruin My Art?

by Jessica Graham Awakening will destroy your life. Whatever you think is yours to claim, will fall away. The self that has been driving you to do better, push harder, and succeed more grandly than the last time, will burn away to a sprinkling of ashes. But from that smokey rubble will arise a new […]

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Follow the Threads — Mindful Awakening

by Michael W. Taft Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Romam When I started meditating in my teens, I believed in Enlightenment. I was going to get to the Big E, which involved having certain mind-blowing experiences. You’d see the Light, or God would open her kimono, or whatever, and after that you’d glow in […]

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The Universe Is NOT One

Actually, it might be, but who knows? by Michael W. Taft If you’ve ever practiced in a nondual tradition, you’ve heard the phrase, “The Universe is ONE,” probably a few million times. It’s a staple of how nonduality is communicated, “we’re all connected,” “there is no separation,” “it’s all one big consciousness.” In the traditional […]

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Mindfulness of Emotions Download

I’m excited to let you know that I’ve put together a special excerpt from my bestselling book The Mindful Geek. I think  it will really help you when it comes to coping with difficult emotions. It talks about the evolutionary background of emotions, where they come from, and what they’re for, and how to deal […]

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