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How One Woman Used Meditation to Quit Smoking

By Jamie Zimmerman from abc NEWS Yale graduate student Michelle Morgan started smoking at age 12. When the 35-year-old wanted to quit she tried everything from cold turkey to medications, but nothing worked. Then Morgan saw a flyer for a research study on mindfulness-based smoking cessation. She qualified and enrolled. In weekly sessions Dr. Judson […]

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Step on the Clutch

by Michael W. Taft I love espresso. But I remember sometimes “waking up” suddenly and finding myself right in the middle of a shuddering caffeine meltdown. I’d been writing on my laptop at a coffee shop, focused on work. Starting out with a latté early in the morning, I’d just kept ordering and drinking triple-espresso […]

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How Meditating May Help Your Brain

By Elizabeth Landau Reposted from CNN.com When you’re under pressure from work and family and the emails don’t stop coming, it’s hard to stop your mind from jumping all over the place. But scientists are finding that it may be worth it to train your brain to focus on something as simple as your breath, […]

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