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Sleep Meditation – Guided

Enjoy this sleep meditation, guided by Michael W. Taft

Download audio using Right Click here. 

Play this audio when you want to go to sleep. It’s a 34 minute long guided meditation that will help you go to sleep. It is peaceful and soft, so if you go to sleep quickly, the sleep meditation guidance will not wake you back up. Instead, it will help you go even deeper into sleep.

If your mind is racing, trying to struggle with thinking is probably the worst way to go to sleep. Instead, you want to focus on relaxed body sensations. Notice any gentle, open, peaceful, easy sensations that are already there, as well as relaxing more areas of your body. Paying attention to bodily relaxation will tend to reduce the number of racing thoughts, as well as guide you into an effortless and deep sleep.

“Sleep is the best meditation.” ~ H. H. the Dalai Lama

It’s important to understand the role of attention in helping you to go deeper. Instead of paying attention to the part you don’t want (“My mind is racing!), just accept it and instead pay attention to the part you do want (“Some parts of my body are relaxed and feel good”). By focusing on the pleasant feelings of relaxation and enjoying those, a greater and greater part of your experience will be made up of pleasant relaxation. As that grows, sleep can and will naturally arise. There is no way to make yourself go to sleep by force, but by focusing intentionally on the sleepiest parts of experience, you can help it along. This guided sleep meditation will take you there.

sleep meditation

Another thing that really helps is to understand that, even if you stayed awake the entire night, simply keeping your body motionless at rest will tend to regenerate your energy for the next day. It’s not as good as fully going to sleep, but it’s much better than not resting at all.

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  2. How can I download this guided sleep meditation in order to listen to it while lying down? Thanks!

  3. I’m still trying to download this great meditation for going to sleep. Many times I’ve clicked on “Download audio” and listened while it played, but not once has it actually downloaded into my computer so that I could put it onto an Mp3 player to use in bed. The friend who emailed me about your site had no trouble at all downloading it as an Mp3. So strange….

    1. You don’t just click it, Lee. You have to right click on the Download audio link, and then select “Save file.”

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