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Mindful Awakening means using mindfulness meditation, in combination with other techniques and methods, to contact awakening. Awakening means classical enlightenment. It’s generally something that you begin to be able to work with after you have become fairly proficient in mindfulness meditation. Reading the articles on this page probably won’t give you awakening, of course, but it will begin to point to how the process of mindful awakening works.

What Is Awakening?

Human beings are caught in the dream within their mind. The stories we tell ourselves. Even the web of the senses. Awakening in any form means to be free of one of these, even for a little while. Once you see the dream, or the illusion, you will never quite be able to believe it again.

Over time you will contact more and more such awakenings, and eventually you can have permanent freedom from many illusions. The most important illusion to be free of is that you are a self made of thoughts and feelings. The “I” that you feel is you is actually nothing more than the continuously changing activity of thoughts and feelings. Mental pictures, words in the head, some sensations in the body. It’s never the same from moment to moment and yet we think that to be our true self.

Real awakening is not a self improvement program. It’s something far deeper, weirder, and paradoxical than that.

The most important first move is to get out of the Observer Trap. What’s that? It’s the main failure mode of mindfulness, the typical way people get stuck in their practice. It’s also easy to avoid. Here’s a whole article about how to work with that:

Escaping the Observer Trap

mindful awakening

Various traditions focus on single paths to awakening, but actually the paths to awakening are numerous, maybe infinite. Here are a few articles that describe a few very interesting openings.

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Never Believe Anything


Deconstruction of Ego Using Insight Meditation

One of the most paradoxical uses of meditation is to deconstruct the sense of self, the feeling of being you. This sounds weird and strange, and it’s reasonable to ask yourself why anybody would want to do such a thing. But the reason is simple: the sense of “I” that you depend on all day long is actually a construction (as mentioned above). It’s like an avatar in a 3D shooter type video game. It’s constructed out of thoughts and feelings. It’s this construction of thoughts and feelings that insight meditation will help you to deconstruct.  Here are a number of articles about how to do that:

Meditation: Why Deconstruction?

Deconstructing the Self with Mindfulness Meditation

Untangle and Be Free

Meditation on No-self

Deconstructing the Perception of the Ego/self




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