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Mindfulness Reboot

5 Reasons Your Mindfulness Practice Has Stalled & How to Reboot It

by Michael W. Taft It happened to me, and it’s happened to many people I know. You have learned to sit still and follow your breath. You can directly contact the reality of the present moment. You can go deep. The power of meditation practice has made itself manifest, you’ve experienced real benefit, and it’s […]

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What to Do Next

by Michael W. Taft I make my living as a meditation teacher. And in the last two months or so—as I’m sure you are perfectly aware—people have been freaking out. The election, the reality tv mogul, the surreal and terrifying descent of our country, has people profoundly worried and upset. As a teacher, they ask […]

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Meditation Will Wreck Your Life

by Michael W. Taft During the “Calvin and Hobbes” part of childhood, I had a very clear career goal. My grade school teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, and the other children raised their hands, saying things like fireman, doctor, and archeologist. I, on the other hand, ardently desired […]

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The Mindful Wisdom of Pokémon Go

by Michael W. Taft I have to admit it: Pokémon Go is one of the funnest games I’ve played in a long time. I’m old enough to have missed the Pokémon phenomenon when it first came around, but it’s easy to see why the game is taking the world by storm. (It’s been downloaded by […]

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Follow the Threads — Mindful Awakening

by Michael W. Taft Mille viae ducunt homines per saecula Romam When I started meditating in my teens, I believed in Enlightenment. I was going to get to the Big E, which involved having certain mind-blowing experiences. You’d see the Light, or God would open her kimono, or whatever, and after that you’d glow in […]

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The Universe Is NOT One

Actually, it might be, but who knows? by Michael W. Taft If you’ve ever practiced in a nondual tradition, you’ve heard the phrase, “The Universe is ONE,” probably a few million times. It’s a staple of how nonduality is communicated, “we’re all connected,” “there is no separation,” “it’s all one big consciousness.” In the traditional […]

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Mindfulness of Emotions Download

I’m excited to let you know that I’ve put together a special excerpt from my bestselling book The Mindful Geek. I think  it will really help you when it comes to coping with difficult emotions. It talks about the evolutionary background of emotions, where they come from, and what they’re for, and how to deal […]

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Nonduality and Mindfulness — Two Great Traditions that Go Great Together

by Michael W. Taft In the context of American spiritual practice nondual traditions and mindfulness traditions appear to be in sharp contrast. Nonduality is often associated with the “doing nothing” schools of meditation, and mindfulness meditation is often very effortful. Mindfulness meditation masters commonly refuse to even discuss enlightenment, whereas nondual teachers never stop talking […]

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mindful seeing

Wake Up and Enjoy Your Life with Mindfulness

by Michael W. Taft Sometimes I feel like I’m sleepwalking through life. There’s this sense of everything being distant, unfocused, numb. I’m working, eating, talking, sleeping, but I’m just going through the motions. Coffee takes me up, carbs take me down, but the whole experience is dull, boring, repetitive, predictable. Eventually it all feels like […]

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Pain Relief with Mindfulness: The Safe Haven

by Michael W. Taft I remember throwing out my back one time, which caused terrible pain in one leg. I went to doctors, chiropractors, took medications, all of which helped. But still as I was walking around, it felt as if my leg was on fire, with hot lava swirling in the thigh and knee, […]

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Willfully Altering Your Brain: An Interview with Michael W. Taft

 Michael W. Taft was recently interviewed about mindfulness meditation by the fabulous David McRaney on his podcast “You Are Not So Smart.” Click the white arrow in the red circle below to listen to the interview. Here is part of David’s intro to the interview: In a way, you can simply will yourself into a […]

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Mindfulness of emotions

Coping with Emotions using Mindfulness

In this author talk at Google, Michael Taft looks at emotional intelligence — how we can work with our own emotions much more effectively using evolutionary biology, psychology, and mindfulness meditation. And Star Wars. A crash course in mindfulness of emotions.   Although emotional sensations can arise anywhere in the body, they are much more […]

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Go Deeper Using the Meditation Induction

by Michael W. Taft Mindfulness is awesome because it features a few simple rules that can be recombined to create thousands of different meditation techniques. You could practice a different meditation every day for the next ten years, never repeat yourself, and continuously make progress. With all that variety, however, it helps your meditation practice […]

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