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DY 012 – “Consciousness, Spirituality, and Intellectual Honesty” – with guest Thomas Metzinger

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 Thomas Metzinger and I discuss having moral integrity with yourself, intellectual honesty in the pursuit of spirituality, the overlapping goals of science and spirituality, the possibility of a fully secularized spirituality, neurofeedback and virtual reality, mortality denial, the simulation hypothesis, and a whole bunch more. Thomas Metzinger is full professor and director of the theoretical philosophy group and the …

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DY 011 – “Reality Let Loose”—with guest A. H. Almaas

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In this episode, I speak with spiritual teacher and author Hameed Ali, more often known by his pen name, A. H. Almaas. Almaas is the creator of the Diamond Approach to Self-Realization, which is a contemporary teaching developed within the context of both ancient spiritual teachings and modern depth psychology theories. Almaas has authored eighteen books about spiritual realization, including …

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Culadasa Interview: Attention, Awareness, and the Great Adventure

A transcript of episode 10 of the Deconstructing Yourself podcast. Taft: Welcome to Deconstructing Yourself, the podcast for modern mutants interested in mindfulness, meditation, awakening and more. My name is Michael Taft, your host on the podcast. In this episode I’m speaking with meditation teacher, neuroscientist, and author John Yates, also known as Culadasa. Culadasa has the honor of being …

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DY 010 – “Attention, Awareness, and the Great Adventure” – with guest Culadasa

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After decades of Buddhist practice, Culadasa exploded on the scene a few years ago with his groundbreaking book The Mind Illuminated, an incredibly comprehensive guide to meditation. It’s an erudite mixture of neuroscience, traditional Buddhist practice, and Culadasa’s own ideas about how to gt the most out of practice. In this episode we talk about his definitions of attention and …

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The Long Road to Good Sex

I write to you on the day of my book launch. Good Sex: Getting Off without Checking Out is now available wherever books are sold. I have to tell you it feels good, really good. I’ve been alternating between a dizzying happiness and an almost anxious excitement. Along with a slew of other emotions I’m also feeling a double-wide truck …

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DY 009 – “The Craving Mind” – with guest Judson Brewer

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What do the neurocorrelates of enlightenment, the activation of the posterior cingulate cortex, and the extinction of craving all have in common? They relate to the work of Judson Brewer. In this episode Jud and I talk about his brain biofeedback machine, the neurophenomonolgy of effort vs. non-effort, the feedback loop of reward-based learning, working with the black hole of …