Meditation: Are You Doing It Wrong?

by Michael W. Taft Albert Einstein once said that “a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” It’s actually pretty hard to make a mistake in meditation, ...


The Nondual Roots of Indian Thought and Religion

by Michael W. Taft Nondualism was developed earliest, and was most thoroughly explored, in India. Yet the first Indian scriptures, the Vedas (roughly 1000 BCE) are completely dualistic in their ...


Mindful Sex: Love Drugs

By Jessica Graham She was a sexy soft butch. She opened doors for me and made out like she was a contender for Best Kisser of the Year. From the ...

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Flow Machine: Hacking the Human Brain for Healing and Wellbeing

How one scientist is blending ancient philosophy with modern neuroscience to fight ...
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Escaping the Observer Trap

Are you feeling stuck in your practice? Did meditation lead to big, ...
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Undoing Distraction, Technology Edition

by Michael W. Taft Does anyone you know not have a problem ...

Take Your Body with You

by Michael W. Taft When I was 33 years old, I became ...
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Mindful Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out

by Jessica Graham When I was fourteen I decided it was high ...

Listening to the Body

by Jessica Graham “In these bodies we will live. In these bodies ...

Five Easy Ways of Undoing Distraction

by Michael W. Taft If you cannot focus on one thing at ...

Broken Heart/Open Heart

By Jessica Graham   “Like someone is trying to slice my sternum ...

Losing Control

By Jessica Graham In mindfulness meditation we observe and explore our experience ...

Concentration and Flow

by Michael W. Taft Have you ever been so involved in doing ...

Deconstructing the Self

I remember as a teenager, feeling that the Monty Python joke “my ...

Dying With Dad

by Jessica Graham Part One My meditation practice has helped me with ...
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Downtime for the Stone Age Brain

by Michael W. Taft Recently, I found a meditation retreat center in ...

I’m Glad I Took the Red Pill

By Jessica Graham Pressure above the eyes and in the middle of ...

Concentration IV: Why Bother?

by Michael W. Taft In the last three articles, I wrote about ...

Concentration II – Learning to Listen

by Michael W. Taft You’re having complex feelings about the things that ...

Concentration: An Iterative Approach to Focusing the Mind

by Michael W. Taft Concentration is the eternal secret of every mortal ...

Multitasking Fail

by Michael W. Taft You’re working on a paper, and the kids ...

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Can Virtual Reality Help Calm Anxiety?

I remember the first time I realized my anxiety had become a problem. I was with friends in a popular Glasgow bar watching Sunday afternoon soccer. It was quiet, and alongside our table stood three vacant chairs: two with sturdy wooden panels fixed to the space between the top of the backrest and the cushion, […]

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Meet Braxton Dudley

We at DY (i.e. Michael and Jessica) want to say, “Thank you!” to our student, friend, and hidden accomplice, Braxton Dudley. Braxton handles a lot of crucial behind-the-scenes functions that keep DY happening day after day. So, Thank you, Braxton! Braxton Dudley is a 24-year-old meditator, yoga practitioner, and student of Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder […]

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Mindfulness Meditation Helps Improve The Quality Of Sleep

By Kathleen Lees for Science World Report Meditation can certainly help you relax. Yet did you know it can also help you fall and stay asleep? Researchers at the University of Southern California found that mindfulness medication improved the quality of sleep for older adults. Furthermore, findings showed that regular meditation could even prevent cognitive […]

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Michael W. Taft’s Q & A on Reddit

The following is a reprint of an interview with the Reddit community that occurred on Sunday, Feb 15, 2015. You can find the original here. I’ve corrected some typos, added some links, and so on, for your reading pleasure.    Introduction My name is Michael Taft and for over 30 years, I have studied, written […]

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Never Believe Anything

by Michael W. Taft I often give out meditation advice on this blog, but today I’m going to do something very unusual: I’m going to give some life advice. And you might ask, “Who are you to give me life advice?” Good question. My answer is that it’s not about me knowing more than anybody […]

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Nonduality Talk

Want a quick intro to the entire history of nondualism? Jerry Katz interviewed me about it here: ~ Michael W. Taft If this interests you, you might want to check out my book entitled, Nondualism: A Brief History of a Timeless Concept. Here’s the track listing, which gives you a good idea of the material […]

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Mindfulness Can Literally Change Your Brain

By Christina Congleton, Britta K. Hölzel, and Sara W. Lazar for Harvard Business Review The business world is abuzz with mindfulness. But perhaps you haven’t heard that the hype is backed by hard science. Recent research provides strong evidence that practicing non-judgmental, present-moment awareness (a.k.a. mindfulness) changes the brain, and it does so in ways that anyone working […]

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20131028 Journaling

The Healing Powers of Keeping a Journal, and 3 Ways to Stick With It

By Barbara Stepko for Health.com I got introduced to journaling when I was a kid. At first, I thought the idea was to keep a record of what I had done each day. But eventually—I’m still journaling all these years later—I came to understand that it allows me the time and space to explore what […]

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Mindful Sex: Everything and Nothing

by Jessica Graham I had sex for the first time because there was a Me I wanted to be. I wanted to be a Me who had “been there, done that.” I wanted to be a  Me who could utter a resounding “No!” when accused of virginity. I wanted to be a Me who was […]

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Jessica and Michael

Mindfulness Meditation Mentors

                              Jessica Graham & Michael W. Taft — The Deconstructing Yourself team.   photo credit: a nice lady walking by the coffee shop      

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Are You a Mindful Geek?

by Michael W. Taft Are you interested in learning mindfulness meditation, but put off by the religious and mythological mindset? Then my new book is for you. Called The Mindful Geek, it shows you how to derive the benefits of mindfulness meditation without having to join a religion or drink anyone’s metaphysical Kool-Aid. It gives you step-by-step instructions […]

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Want to Learn Meditation without Religion?

Help me make this book a reality at Indiegogo — Michael Taft   “Michael Taft is steeped in practice and deeply trained in multiple traditions. He is extremely articulate about subtle states of mind and important distinctions in meditation, for both beginners and long-time practitioners. He’s also very open, warm, and supportive – plus deeply wise.” ~ Rick […]

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The McMindfulness Craze: The Shadow Side of the Mindfulness Revolution

By Jeffrey Rubin for The Interdependence Project In case we had any doubt after watching Anderson Cooper on “60 Minutes,” mindfulness is the new yoga – and we are in the midst of a mindfulness revolution. It’s been embraced by celebrities, business leaders, politicians and athletes; and recommended by doctors, clergy, psychotherapists and prison wardens. […]

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