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Want to get the benefits of mindfulness without having to join a religion?  Want to learn to meditate within a completely scientific, secular worldview?   Let me tell you a ...


Meditate Now

By Jessica Graham You have heard that meditation is good for you. You’ve read a few articles about it or even tried a guided meditation on YouTube. You just know ...


Coping with Intense Emotions in Meditation

 (This is an excerpt from Michael’s book The Mindful Geek.) In the movie Blade Runner, the replicant Roy Batty, played by Rutger Hauer, has a problem. As a genetically-enhanced human-like ...

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Flow Machine: Hacking the Human Brain for Healing and Wellbeing

How one scientist is blending ancient philosophy with modern neuroscience to fight ...
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Escaping the Observer Trap

Are you feeling stuck in your practice? Did meditation lead to big, ...
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Undoing Distraction, Technology Edition

by Michael W. Taft Does anyone you know not have a problem ...

Take Your Body with You

by Michael W. Taft When I was 33 years old, I became ...
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Mindful Sex: Getting Off Without Checking Out

by Jessica Graham When I was fourteen I decided it was high ...

Listening to the Body

by Jessica Graham “In these bodies we will live. In these bodies ...

Five Easy Ways of Undoing Distraction

by Michael W. Taft If you cannot focus on one thing at ...

Broken Heart/Open Heart

By Jessica Graham   “Like someone is trying to slice my sternum ...

Losing Control

By Jessica Graham In mindfulness meditation we observe and explore our experience ...

Concentration and Flow

by Michael W. Taft Have you ever been so involved in doing ...

Deconstructing the Self

I remember as a teenager, feeling that the Monty Python joke “my ...

Dying With Dad

by Jessica Graham Part One My meditation practice has helped me with ...
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Downtime for the Stone Age Brain

by Michael W. Taft Recently, I found a meditation retreat center in ...

I’m Glad I Took the Red Pill

By Jessica Graham Pressure above the eyes and in the middle of ...

Concentration IV: Why Bother?

by Michael W. Taft In the last three articles, I wrote about ...

Concentration II – Learning to Listen

by Michael W. Taft You’re having complex feelings about the things that ...

Concentration: An Iterative Approach to Focusing the Mind

by Michael W. Taft Concentration is the eternal secret of every mortal ...

Multitasking Fail

by Michael W. Taft You’re working on a paper, and the kids ...

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Mindfulness May Make Memories Less Accurate

From Medical Xpress Mindfulness meditation is associated with all sorts of benefits to mental and physical well-being, but a new study suggests that it may also come with a particular downside for memory. The findings, published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science, show that participants who engaged in a 15-minute […]

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Meditation isn’t always relaxing, new study finds

  By Sarah Berry for The Sydney Morning Herald Meditation is many things, but it is not always relaxing. It restores clarity, relieves stress, changes our brains for the better, encourages creativity and calms our nervous system. But a new study has found that we experience elevated heart rates during certain types of meditation. Participants in […]

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Mindfulness Vs. Writer’s Block

By Jessica Graham Today I did the following: Yelled “I hate this! I hate this! I hate this!” like a 14 year old who’s mom told her she couldn’t go to a highschool party. Did a handstand in my office while saying a silent prayer along the lines of “This better work.” Covered my desk […]

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Anxious? Meditation Can Help

Scientists, like Buddhist monks and Zen masters, have known for years that meditation can reduce anxiety, but not how. Scientists at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, however, have succeeded in identifying the brain functions involved. “Although we’ve known that meditation can reduce anxiety, we hadn’t identified the specific brain mechanisms involved in relieving anxiety in […]

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Nurses Know How To Relieve Stress: Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga Lower Levels By 40%

By Lecia Bushak for Medical Daily  The things we stress about are always going to be there, especially at work. But the way we react to these daily stresses can make an enormous difference in our overall health and happiness. A new study testifies to this notion. Led by researchers at the Ohio State University […]

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Finding Meaning with Meditation

by Michael W. Taft “Life is without meaning. You bring the meaning to it. The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be. Being alive is the meaning.” ~ Joseph Campbell  If you Google the phrase “meaninglessness of life,” you’ll get almost half a million hits. Quotes from great thinkers and pages from […]

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Mindfulness ‘as good as anti-depressants for tackling depression’

By Sarah Knapton for The Telegraph Meditation is as good as anti-depressants for tackling depression, a major study has shown offering a drug-free alternative Researchers at Oxford University say that Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) stopped as many people from sliding back into depression as strong medication. Mindfulness, which has grown in popularity in recent years, […]

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Meditation Changes Your Brain For The Better; Treats Migraines And Cognitive Impairment

By Lecia Bushak for Medical Daily We already know that meditation is good for our mental and physical health, but more and more evidence is delineating just how valuable it could be as an addition to our daily lives. In a new research report, researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center examined the efficacy of a […]

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Good Night Moon

By Jessica Graham “There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally.” ― Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom I spent this past weekend meditating at Blue Heron Ranch in Ojai, CA. Enrico and Nadia Natali bought this beautiful piece of land in […]

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Can Virtual Reality Help Calm Anxiety?

I remember the first time I realized my anxiety had become a problem. I was with friends in a popular Glasgow bar watching Sunday afternoon soccer. It was quiet, and alongside our table stood three vacant chairs: two with sturdy wooden panels fixed to the space between the top of the backrest and the cushion, […]

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Meet Braxton Dudley

We at DY (i.e. Michael and Jessica) want to say, “Thank you!” to our student, friend, and hidden accomplice, Braxton Dudley. Braxton handles a lot of crucial behind-the-scenes functions that keep DY happening day after day. So, Thank you, Braxton! Braxton Dudley is a 24-year-old meditator, yoga practitioner, and student of Contemplative Psychology at Naropa University in Boulder […]

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Meditation: Are You Doing It Wrong?

by Michael W. Taft Albert Einstein once said that “a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” It’s actually pretty hard to make a mistake in meditation, but maybe the biggest challenge that beginning meditators encounter is the often mistaken belief that they’re doing it wrong. I’m not sure of the reason for […]

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The Nondual Roots of Indian Thought and Religion

by Michael W. Taft Nondualism was developed earliest, and was most thoroughly explored, in India. Yet the first Indian scriptures, the Vedas (roughly 1000 BCE) are completely dualistic in their outlook. These Ur-texts of human spirituality consist mainly of poems of praise to nature deities, magical spells, and ritual invocations. After the Vedas, however, we […]

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